Monthly Crime Reports

The monthly crime report lists the Calls of Service that officers of the Forty Fort Borough Police Department responded to during the dates listed...  This is being posted for information purposes only.

What you should know...

Many communities are experiencing thefts from individuals that are following the delivery trucks on their routes and stealing the packages off of the front porch shortly after they have been delivered.

If you are having packages delivered to your home:

  1. Make sure you get a tracking number from the store you make the purchase from.
  2. Track the package often to verify the anticipated delivery date.
  3. Watch for the delivery truck to drop off your package(s) and retrieve them from the porch as soon as they are delivered.
  4. If you cannot be home during the scheduled delivery date, ask a neighbor, friend or family member to retrieve the package(s) for you.
  5. If you see any suspicious vehicles by your home shortly after any packages were dropped off, contact your local police department and provide them with a description of the vehicle and operator.  Write down the vehicle registration if you can obtain it.


Our area has been subjected to the IRS Telephone Tax Scam for several years now, but now more than ever it seems that these idiots are targeting our residents.  Please understand that the IRS will not, absolutely will not, contact you telephone and or leave a message on your answering machine regarding any tax debt.  Most assuredly, they will not call you and threaten to arrest you, sue you, seize your house or any other threat these IDIOTS can possibly come up with.

Unfortunately your local police departments do not have the resources to track these scam artists down and put them where they belong and for some reason it seems that the authorities that do have the resources to do just that aren’t.

We can only spread the word and hope that no one falls victim to these scams. So please help me in spreading the word… the IRS will not call you by phone, IT IS A SCAM!


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