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Forty Fort's Public Works Department is ready and willing to work in any conditions they are faced with in order to keep Forty Fort Borough the Safe and Beautiful tree lined community that it is.  Here they are working in a storm to remove debris from Wyoming Avenue after a tree came down from the high winds.

Our Public Works Department helps make Forty Fort Borough shine....

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Storm Water Management

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Snow Removal Parking Restrictions

The Department of Public Works is determined to provide residents with improved snow removal. Plowing will occur as determined by the Public Works Director based on total accumulation, prevailing conditions and near future forecasts.

Forty Fort Borough requests that all residents with access to off-street parking remove their vehicles from the street prior to any plowable snow event.

When 3 or more inches of snow is expected the Borough may institute a Snow Emergency. Please tune to local media outlets, or visit the borough's website at to determine if a Snow Emergency has been declared. During the Snow Emergency the borough will enforce “Odd / Even Parking Restrictions”. These restrictions are EASY to follow.

1. On the day the Snow Emergency is declared parking will be restricted to the side of the street based on the date.  For example if it is December 11th you should park on the side of the street with odd numbered addresses.  Conversely, if the Snow Emergency is declared on December 12th, you should park on the side of the street with even numbers.

2. On the day following you should park on the opposite side of the street. This will ensure streets will be plowed from curb to curb over the two day period.

3. Plan accordingly if snow is expected overnight. Vehicles should be moved to comply with the “Odd / Even Parking Restrictions” in the early morning hours.  Our experience has shown an estimated 33% reduction in plow times when off-street parking and “Odd / Even Parking
Restrictions” are followed. Clearing streets curb to curb results in better quality snow removal with less rework required after parked cars are moved. Timely plowing also minimizes the quantity of residual ice and snow on the roadway that results when compaction occurs because plowing is delayed. Residual snow and ice, in turn, can require the application of salt at an additional cost to promote melting.

Vehicles parked illegally during the “Odd / Even Parking Restrictions” will be ticketed and may be subject to towing.