Forty Fort


Borough Secretary


Contact Information

Address: 1271 Wyoming Ave. Forty Fort, PA 18704
1st Floor

Tel: (570) 287-8586 ext. 2

FAX: (570) 287-0503


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

The Borough Secretary assists the Borough Manager with the operations of the Borough.

She is also responsible to record the full minutes of all proceedings of Borough Council, along with:

  • Transcribing the bylaws, rules, regulations and ordinances adopted into a book kept for this purpose
  • Preserving the records and documents of the Borough, certifies copies of any book, paper, record, bylaw, rule, regulation, resolution, ordinance or proceeding of the Borough, under the seal.
  • Attests the execution of all instrument, record all ordinances and attest the same by signature; and files and records proof of service of all notices required by law..
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