Forty Fort


Code Enforcement

Contact Information

Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer

Thomas Craig

Address: 1271 Wyoming Ave. Forty Fort, PA 18704
2nd Floor

Phone: (570) 287-8586 Ext. 5

Property Maintenance Officer

Frank Pascucci

Address: 1271 Wyoming Ave. Forty Fort, PA 18704
2nd Floor

Phone: (570) 287-8586 Ext. 6

Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Tuesday, Thursday 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

What is a Code Enforcement Officer

“A Code Enforcement Officer is a sworn or non-sworn inspector, officer or investigator, employed by a borough, city, or county, who possesses specialized training in, and whose primary duties are the prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of laws regulating public nuisance, public health, safety, and welfare, public works, business activities and consumer protection, building standards, land-use, or municipal affairs.”

“Code enforcement is a function local governments perform that citizens consider important for accomplishing community goals, such as protecting property values and the environment. Others view code enforcement as an annoying intrusion into the free use of private property. Traditionally, it has been a process whereby local governments use various techniques to gain compliance with duly-adopted regulations such as land use and zoning ordinances, health and housing codes, sign standards, and uniform building and fire codes. In recent years, federal and state regulations governing air and water quality and the transport and storage of hazardous wastes, and requirements for implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act have come into play. Local governments are now obliged to include enforcement of these rules and regulations in the array of responsibilities they assume for protecting the public health and welfare.


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