Forty Fort


Park Renovations Fundraiser

My name is Jerry Lamark. My family and I have lived in Forty Fort for over 35 years. As a way to give back to our community, the Forty Fort residents and I created the Forty Fort Park Restoration around 20 years ago. Throughout that time, we raised over $56,000. With those funds we were able to install a fort, new swings, a pike peak, new tables, benches as well as other playground equipment. We also changed the basketball rims that needed updating, but now the court needs attention.

We need the court to be resurfaced, cameras installed throughout the park and need to update playground equipment for children under 5 years of age. We plan on raising $50,000 to achieve these goals with your help.

We are seeking the help of all that has enjoyed the Forty Fort Park, those who still do and for everyone who is looking to enhance the park and make it a safe and fun environment for our neighborhood children. Thank you for your consideration in helping The Forty Fort Restoration.

Below is the information needed to send a donation if possible.
Please send your donation (checks only, made payable to: Forty Fort Recreation Fund) to:

Forty Fort Park
26 Pomona Street
Forty Fort, PA 18704


Forty Fort Borough
1271 Wyoming Ave.
Forty Fort, PA 18704

We are also selling 4X8 Bricks for $100.00 to place at the park. You are allotted 3 lines with 15 characters per line, spaces included. You may contact me at

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