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Home Improvement Scams

Beware of the travelling home improvement contractors who knock on your door with news of extra materials on hand so a real deal can be had.  Often, it’s not.  An example are driveway sealing contractors.  While there are many reputable contractors, some will rip off residents with substandard products that are poorly applied for an expensive price.  We have even heard of used motor oil being spread on driveways, purported to be driveway sealer!  Sales pressure is then turned up to demand payment for work that was “already done”.  

Other home improvement troubles arise when a contractor demands most or all of the money up front.  Some contractors simply need the money to buy materials to start your job.  Others have no intention of doing the work and simply pocket the cash while giving a false timetable of when they will start on your project.  Talk to your family, neighbors and friends to find honorable contractors – positive word of mouth is the best advertisement. 

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