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Flood Maps

Residents with any questions regarding the FEMA Flood Maps should contact their Customer Care Center for help.  Their phone number is 1-877-336-2627 and e-mail address

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Utility Workers

Some thieves will dress like utility workers, asking to enter your residence to check on your electric, gas, water service and etc.  This is usually

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Fake Checks Scams

Fake check scams can be done through the following ways: Foreign Business Offers, Love Losses, Overpayments, Rental Schemes, Sudden Riches and Work-At-Home offers. Click Here

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Online Auction Fraud

The single largest category of Internet-related complaints to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Consumer Sentinel international database — 51,000 complaints in 2002, and officials

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Con artists phish by spamming the world with counterfeit email. Their message appears to come from a widely recognized business like Sprint, America Online, eBay,

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Nigerian 419 Scam

Named after its Nigerian criminal code, the “419″ scam has circulated for years through snail mail, fax, and email. The US Secret Service, who refers

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